Efficient time management requires the individual to consider both the long reaching goals and the immediate tasks to complete those goals. In teaching, that means the unit and lesson plan as a long reaching goal and the day to day instruction required to reach those goals.

As for student teaching, most important is a productive use of planning periods during the school day. Regrettably, I must admit that this hasn’t often been the case for my planning periods during the class days this semester. Many of these opportunities are taken up by questions, conversations, and stories from my mentors, the completion of necessary tasks and the most often, grading. It is difficult to stay on top of the balance of all the responsibilities of time management during student teaching. I believe the ability to prioritize all that is required of a teacher and make difficult choices will remain part of the job as I continue forward. My mentor teachers often encourage me to consider how to simplify and make my ideas more realistic.

One tool that has really helped me deal with my personal struggle of perfectionism and its negative impact on my mental health when trying to juggle so many tasks is to shoot for 80% of my ideal goal. Although I will always strive to be my best and create the best educational instruction I can, I will inevitably encounter problems and unanticipated effects that will alter the course of my plans. Therefore, if I accept I will most likely have to adjust my plans, I can be more successful in open mindedness and an ability to adapt.

The artwork below was a automatic drawing where I made marks on the paper without initial direction. As marks were made, I reacted and pursued the aesthetic of the image. I feel this process is metaphoric for my acceptance of what will come.