As an art educator, my mission is to ensure that every student who leaves my classroom develops a confidence in their ability to create; a confidence that transfers beyond the art classroom allowing them to gain a positive growth mindset about their abilities, thoughts and future. Art empowers students to express themselves, explore new ways of thinking and seeing, and make connections between what they learn and their experience of the world. Free from the fear of failure, students can achieve anything they put their minds to.


The value of art to students is ever present. Art is a visual language that allows us to make sense of our world. Many of us need this form of language to express our feelings, ideas and understandings.


The role of a teacher has endless possibilities. Teachers have the unique opportunity to expand the perspectives and thoughts of young people everyday. By building relationships, identifying student’s unique needs and offering support in an environment that values growth above all else, teachers can impact the lives of students – helping them have more agency over their lives and their futures. Knowledge and wisdom are empowering. Teachers can empower their students as they embark on a journey to better understand the world. I strive to be an advocate for my students – provide them with encouragement to persevere, personalized feedback to solidify their growth and content that expands their view of the world and what is possible.


Currently I am a senior at Colorado State University achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education and am a Youth Development Specialist for the Fort Collins Boys and Girls Club. The Club gives me the opportunity to empower young people, especially those who need us to the most, to be their best selves. My experience working with youth began at age 16 when I became a summer camp leader for the City of Thornton’s Adventure Club. After several years of commitment to the camp, I was promoted to Assistant Director where I had a large influence on the planning and management of the camp’s daily routine. This experience solidified my want to become a teacher – each day I was inspired to do better and have a positive impact on the kids I lead.