Teachers demonstrate professionalism through ethical conduct, reflection and leadership.

Center for Education Preparedness
Teacher Candidate Quality Standards

Overall, my self evaluation related to Standard 4 is that I am proficient. I have put a lot of effort into my professionalism during my time at Thompson Valley. I know the value of a good impression and I want people to see how much I care about quality work. 

For Standard 4 I have included two Mid Term Reflections that demonstrate my growth with this standard. Standard 4 focuses on a teacher’s professional disposition. According to Element A of this standard, teacher must demonstrate high standards of professional conduct. Right now, I don’t really have any documents to represent my proficiency in this element. However, I have acted in a very professional manner during my time at Thompson Valley High School. Element B of this standard focuses on professional goals and growth. The Mid Term Reflection documents (Artifacts 1 and 2) do include a section that specify my goals as I continue in the program and begin my professional career in education; therefore, I have fulfilled the requirements to be proficient with this element. Providing students with the opportunity to work in teams and develop leadership is the requirement for Element C of this standard. My Perspective lesson (Artifact 3) demonstrates my proficiency when implementing group projects into my instruction. Students worked together to complete a challenge and problem-solve together. The final element of this standard (Element D) assesses the teacher’s ability to model and promote effective communication. I do not yet have a good example of my proficiency with this element.


Mid Term Reflections

Rational: For this standard I provided my Mid Term Reflection for both EDUC 450 and 466. These reflections acted as an opportunity to demonstrate my professionalism and to admit my areas for growth and improvement.  

Lesson Plan – Perspective

Rational: Students worked together in teams during the main portion of this lesson, which demonstrates my ability to integrate teamwork into my instruction with purpose – a central element of Standard 4’s Element C.