Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students.

Center for Education Preparedness
Teacher Candidate Quality Standards

Overall, my self evaluation for my teaching related to Standard 3 is developing. I put a lot of thought into my lessons this semester hoping that they would be unique, engaging and thought-provoking. I believe in many ways, they were those things. But not without some hiccups. I have most of my childcare experience working with young kids (ages 5-11) so I have had to do some adjustments mentally when working with high school students. In order to plan and deliver effective instruction, I will continue to build on my understanding of students in group dynamics, as working individuals and as a class. 

For Standard 3 I have included teaching Strategy Presentations and Reflections, a Data Analysis of a student assessment, an Assessment Project and a Lesson Plan as artifacts that demonstrate my proficiency with this standard. Standard 3 focuses on the planning and delivery of effective instruction and creating an environment that fosters student learning. According to Element A of Standard 3, teachers must demonstrate a knowledge about the ways in which learning takes place. The Strategy Presentations (Artifact 1, 2 and 3) demonstrate my growth in this area. I categorize the types of thinking and learning students are engaged in when utilizing these strategies and can further apply these strategies to future lesson plans. Element B of this standard deals with assessment in both informal and formal contexts used to assess student learning, provide feedback and inform future instruction. My Data Analysis artifact (Artifact 4) demonstrates my proficiency with this standard as I assessed students learning before the lesson and used that data to inform my instruction. The Assessment Project (Artifact 5) also fulfills the requirements of this Element as it demonstrates my ability to create formal and informal assessments for student learning. Technology is the focal point of Element 4, for which my 6th artifact demonstrates my proficiency. In my lesson on contemporary portrait artists, I designed a lesson that integrated technology to engage students in a research experience. The technology gave students a platform to explore artists working in similar mediums as them independently.


ARTIFACT 1, 2 & 3
Strategy Presentations

Rational: I have provided these strategy presentations and reflections as a artifacts of my proficiency with Standard 3. The exploration of teaching strategies emphasized the kinds of thinking students will engage in during the strategy. With these strategies I will be able to provide instruction that is more effective and facilitates student learning.

Data Analysis

Rational: Analyzing assessment data of students work is a huge determining factor for the success of instruction and applies nicely as an artifact Standard 3. This document shows an analysis of students work from a class I taught in a Drawing I class at Thompson Valley High School. Data Analysis of the pre-assessment provided valuable information about my students areas of proficiency and need for additional or substantial support.

Assessment Project

Rational: The Assessment Project was a group project where we practiced designing assessments around a topic of choice. Each member of the group belonged to a different content area within education and came up with two Formative Assessments within their discipline that added to the whole; together we designed a Summative Assessment that integrated student work from each content. This project is a very fun artifact that fulfills Standard 3. We designed assessments with a unique and engaging topic in mind that spanned across several disciplines.  

Lesson Plan – Contemporary Portrait Artists

Rational: The Contemporary Portrait Artists Lesson Plan demonstrates my ability to integrate technology into my classroom. The lesson involved a research project in which students utilized the art computer lab to uncover and research contemporary portrait artists.