Teachers establish a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.

Center for Education Preparedness
Teacher Candidate Quality Standards

Overall, my evaluation of myself related to Standard 2 is that I am still developing. Students face countless hardships as they walk school halls. The unique nature of every students situation means that I have a lot of stories I have yet to hear. As I continue to work with students, each with an individual experience, I will learn to better accommodate and differentiate so that all students are able to grow and learn in my classroom.

For Teacher Candidate Quality Standard 2 I have included 3 Setting and Context Infographics and a classroom Management Plan as artifacts that demonstrate my proficiency with this standard. Standard 2 focuses on creating a classroom environment that’s safe, inclusive, and respectful for all students. According to Element A of this Standard, teachers should foster a learning environment that is predictable to students. My Management Plan artifacts are a perfect demonstration of my proficiency with this element as they provide students with concrete classroom expectations and a reference to look back on if issues arise. The Management Plan characterizes acceptable student behaviors and examples of efficient uses of class time. If students follow the expectations given in my Management plan, surely they will develop positive relationships with myself and their peers. Element B requires teachers to help students work as a community of learners where the teacher and students can demonstrate an awareness and respect of multiple aspects of diversity within the classroom. The infographics are a representation of my research and understanding of Thompson Valley High School’s total population. Although taking into account the overall demographic of students is very important, the awareness and respect that Element B calls for requires a dedication to open mindedness and acceptance of all people – within and outside of the schools demographic. Element B and C are tied together in this way; Element C states that teachers must engage students as individuals, taking into account their unique needs, interests and range of abilities so that instructional material can be adapted to benefit the learning of all students. I believe that this is a standard in which I have room to grow. Throughout this semester in EDUC 450, I have made revisions to my lesson plans in hopes of strengthening the differentiation and accommodations I provide to my students. In the Perspective Lesson Plan artifact, I worked hard to adapt my teaching so that it would include the diverse needs of my students and ensure their learning. The last element – Element D – emphasizes the importance of relationships between teachers and student’s families and/or significant adults for the benefit of students. During EDUC 450, I have not had many opportunities to connect with students families and/or significant adults. This will surely be an element where I can grow during my Student Teaching experience.


ARTIFACT 1, 2 & 3:
Setting and Context Infographics

Rational: The infographic artifacts provided are an example of my efforts to create a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for the student population at Thompson Valley High School in Loveland, CO. These infographics are based on research and observations of the school’s unique setting and context. An understanding of the school’s population allows me to provide student-driven instruction that is tailored to their needs.

Management Plan

Rational: In an effort to express my expectations clearly and in relevant language to my students, I created a Management Plan Narrative (as a reflection for myself) and Handout (to give to students at the start of a class). Making students aware of my expectations is an example of my efforts to create a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for all students in my classroom.

Differentiation and Reflection of Lesson Plan #2

Rational: In the Differentiation and Reflection sections of this lesson plan, I challenged myself to come up with many forms of differentiation and accommodations. This artifact demonstrates an area of growth for this standard as I continue to make more effective adaptations to my teaching that ensures the success of all students in my classroom.