Self Evaluation

Click the button below to see a copy of my self evaluation of my proficiency with the professional teaching dispositions.


Tact and Judgement is one of the dispositions I feel many of my strengths reside. I pride myself on being an empathetic person who cares about the feelings and perspectives of others. When I approach a possibly confrontational or heavy topic, I am cognizant about being open-minded regardless of my feelings or beliefs. Respect is hugely important to me as I believe all people deserve my respect. I love spreading kindness and thoughtfulness among people in my life. Another dispositional area I feel very comfortable with the Desire to Improve Own Performance. I have an immense internal drive to make progress and grow professionally and personally. I am motivated by challenges and the notion that my actions can positively affect the world around me if I am sincere and looking out for others. I look forward to opportunities to share my work with others and receive feedback.

One dispositional area I would like to focus on during my student teaching semester is Cultural Responsiveness. The practices within this disposition are always on my mind as I work with students. I care very much about the accessibility, appropriateness and impact of my professional practice. I find it really difficult to see students going through difficult situations as I wish that there were more that I could do or say to help. Finding the right words in a moment where a student confides to you about their struggles is so crucial and I hope that during my student teaching I can continue to learn the best ways to support all of my students.

Another goal I have for student teaching related to the dispositions involves Collegiality and Responsiveness. One of the components of this disposition states,”Keeps an open mind: is receptive and reflective concerning perceptions of others.” Although I have always cared deeply about the feedback and perceptions of others, I can sometimes be strong willed. When I have an idea about something, I can become quite passionate. If something goes poorly, sometimes look to outside factors as reasoning for shortcomings – rather than looking internally. I would like to work on my ability to take criticism or advice constructively without getting defensive. I will start by reassuring myself that I am in the learning stage of my professional career and it is okay to stumble once and a while.