This artwork is a metaphor for my thoughts and experiences during this first week of student teaching. I cut clips from magazines and created a composition based on what I found. I did not have a set idea of what I would look for other than images that inspired/interested me. The images started to make sense together and remind me of things I had thought about during this week of student teaching.

Being in the classroom during announcements, students needed to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance. I remember being in school and considering what the pledge meant to me – honestly, it didn’t mean a whole lot. It was a statement that adults made me to memorize and state daily. I did not really understand why I was doing it and what it meant.

I have been thinking about my role as an adult in the classroom and the influence I will have on my students. I wondered what the world might be like if students were to pledge to their passions and loves daily. “I pledge allegiance to birds and life and beauty.” Students could remind themselves daily about their passion for learning and life.
 I consider my role in the classroom as a role model, an encouragement, a support system and an inspiration to learn and grow. Student teaching has only encouraged me to do what I think is best for my students in my classroom.