Standards Portfolio

Below is a list of the Teacher Candidate Quality Standards and the Professional Teaching Dispositions in Colorado. I have provided artifacts as demonstration of my learning, development and proficiency as an educator related to each of the teaching standards and dispositions. Click on a standard to view my artifacts! Also click below to see my Professional Teaching Dispositions Evaluation.

Also click below to see my Professional Teaching Dispositions Evaluation.

EDUC 450 Experience

If I were to choose one word or phrase to describe my EDUC 450 experience, it would be eye opening. There have been many moments where I have felt overwhelmed with the workload of this semester and yet, there have been even more moments of awe-ha!

While observing my mentor teachers – Matt Crawford and Melissa Robinson – at Thompson Valley High School, I was able to see two different teaching styles both with equal merit. Seeing their style of teaching has helped me compare and contrast my ideas about teaching with theirs and further develop a personal teaching philosophy. I so passionately want my students to leave my classroom with a growth mindset about their artwork, an appreciation for the arts, and for them to see themselves as artists and part of the contemporary art world.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach under the supervision and guidance of Matt Crawford, Melissa Robinson, Dr. Heidi Fredrickson and John Knight. The feedback I have gotten after my teaching and lessons has vastly helped me revise my plans and reflect on my teaching experiences. I have also gained confidence in advocating for myself through my experience with my mentor teachers. I have learned that it is okay to speak up for yourself when you need advice or want to seize an opportunity.

Through my completion of EDUC 450 assignments and readings, I have grown to have a deeper understanding of instructional management, assessment, behavioral management, and curriculum design. Studying teaching strategies during this semester allowed me to look for those strategies while observing in my mentor classes and in my own teaching. I have been able to collect many teaching strategies that I will undoubtedly use in the future. A goal of mine is to continue to pursue a fuller collection of strategies, topic ideas, project formats and methods so that I will grow as an effective educator.

Above all else, the most significant notion this course and semester have instilled in me is the importance of teaching. I have been in college for so many years that sometimes my passion for teaching hits a wall. But every time I am back in the classroom – hearing the stories of my students, seeing their faces light up with the thrill of understanding, knowing that they are engaged with an experience I designed – I know I am in the right place. My time at Thompson Valley has only solidified my love for education.