Fundamental to my approach of classroom management is my philosophical view of the class as a community of learners. A community requires its members to respect and support one another. Within the school setting, our prime directive is to pursue learning and growth within each individuals mind. Within my art classroom, students will be the center of every activity in which they will work independently and alongside their classmates to achieve their goals. Each project and lesson will be designed to help each student reach their full potential as artists and as citizens of our contemporary world. In order to achieve such a learning environment, I considered the ideal setting of my classroom.



I want my classroom to be calming for students. My classroom will be a safe space for students to express themselves and explore the possibilities of art making.


I want my classroom to be inspiring and spark the curiosity of my students. Students will experience both the work of historic and contemporary artists that will expand their understanding of artistic possibilities. Students will be encouraged to explore topics and mediums that they find interest in.


I want my classroom culture to feel encouraging to students as they grow and progress as artists. Heavy emphasis will be placed on the development of a growth mindset in students – highlighting the importance of perseverance and an open mind in the art making process.


Safety is inevitably a large consideration in an art classroom, depending on the supplies being used.

Each student should be well versed on the possible dangers of each tool in the classroom, the expectations around their use and the appropriate times to access those materials.

Mental safety is just as important as physical safety in my classroom. Any student who feels mentally unsafe will be taken seriously and all issues must be addressed. For any true art making to happen, students must feel comfortable and safe within the space. This means disrespect or lack of consideration for the mental and physical health of any student will not be tolerated.



Clear Expectations

My classroom expectations can be expressed through one word: Respect. Students will be told on the first day of class my only rule is to treat the classroom and the people in it with respect.

Respect for the Classroom, Others and Yourself

CLASSROOM: Treat the classroom equipment and space with respect by keeping our volume at a speaking level during work times, silent during instruction and taking good care of our limited materials.

OTHERS: Treat your fellow classmates with respect by giving them their space, speaking kindly and being fair.

YOURSELF: Act with…
An Open Mind

These expectations will be found posted throughout my room and on my syllabus. Students will be reminded of the expectations if they fail to meet them.

Love and Logic

I will utilize Love and Logic strategies when working with students who exhibit negative behavior during class. Love and Logic focuses on clear expectations, warnings, fair consequences, communication, emphasis on student choices, providing support, and remaining positive.


All incidents with students will be fully documented and submitted when necessary. This is so important so that if parents need to be contacted later, incidents have been documented with other staff and the school so that everyone is aware of the situation.

Seek Support

I will seek support of my colleagues and mentors when dealing with behavioral problems. These issues are much more easily resolved with the help and support of others. I will seek out the guidance of my peers and superiors when handling these tough situations.



Students who are excelling in my classroom will be encouraged to deepen their understanding of content and their personal growth through opportunities. When planning each lesson, I will find several options for students to gain deeper knowledge of content or extend their personal growth through related opportunities that enhance their learning (but do not give them more busy work). These opportunities will cater to students who are succeeding and possibly learning more quickly than their classmates. These opportunities will be available to students during class time and possibly outside of class time if arranged.


Through my comments on passed back work I will show students my appreciation for hard work and great thinking. During tough encounters with other students, I will thank my students for reacting respectfully and encourage them to see the success in the face of a difficult situation. I will praise students who go the extra mile and who are challenging themselves.