EDUC 466

EDUC 466 is the capstone to CSU’s Art Education program. During this course, I strengthened my teaching skills while working as an art teacher at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School in Fort Collins, CO’s Poudre School District. We created several lesson plans and a unit Plan, explored teaching methods and strategies, and considered the many forms of assessment used in art classrooms.

Below you find a course description, a button that links to our final assessment for the course, the Polaris Teaching Portfolio, and a link to our Polaris teaching blog called Story Telling With Art. 

Course Description: A true education does not necessarily occur within the structured setting of a classroom, in fifty minute segments over the course of a semester. Learning is about people—and lives are often transformed as the process of “understanding” evolves over time. Whenever we speak of education, we are speaking of a person’s experience in the world (Grumet, 1975). In this class, art students in the process of becoming teachers search to find insight into the basic philosophical understanding of what may be termed an educational experience: who they are, what they do, and how they define themselves in the context of the teaching situation. Using this philosophical underpinning, students will investigate methods and materials appropriate to standards-based art education. Current practices in the instruction of studio art, art history, aesthetics, and criticism will be explored and applied through class activities and field experiences. – Dr. Patrick Fahey, Colorado State University