EDUC 450

EDUC 450 (Instruction II: Standards and Assessment) is the capstone course of CSU’s Education program. During this course, I strengthened my teaching skills while teaching art at Thompson Valley High School in Loveland, CO’s Thompson School District. We created several lesson plans, explored teaching methods and strategies related to instruction and management and considered the many forms of assessment used in art classrooms.

Below you will find the course description and a link to our final assignment, the Standards Portfolio.

Course Description: Teachers’ work has consistently included expectations for certain in-class performances: organizing a productive classroom system,providing opportunities for students to actively construct knowledge, planning daily lessons, asking questions, issuing directions, giving  advice, maintaining order, presenting material, and providing appropriate feedback to students. (Goodlad, 1994) Recently, teachers’ work has expanded beyond the classroom to include interdisciplinary planning with colleagues, site-based management, and collaborating with parents/guardians and the greater community. This university course, Instruction II:  Standards and Assessment,presents teacher candidates with opportunities to study and apply a variety of methods and assessment skills. It is generally recognized that there is non singular “best” method of teaching and assessment that will suit all occasions;thus, the essential task of the teacher is to examine the variety of methods and assessment procedures/principles and employ decision-making strategies about their use.  – Dr. Heidi Frederikson, Colorado State University